Suspira has loved the art of dancing all her life. Enchanted by her aunt and sister who were beautiful ballerinas, she begged her mother for dance lessons and began her study of Classical Ballet at age 5. The lessons soon expanded to gymnastics, tap, jazz, african, middle eastern and modern dance. Suspira began choreographing for local theater groups at age 12, and teaching at age 15. As a dance major in college, she was granted several talent award scholarships and was given the opportunity to work with incredible dancers and companies from around the country, including Alvin Ailey, Elizabeth Streb’s Ringside and Jose Limon.

Suspira’s true love of Arabic culture, dance and people eventually overtook her, and she knew she had found her true heart in the dances of the Middle East.

As a full time professional bellydancer and instructor, she has dedicated her life to teaching and performing Middle Eastern dance.? She is recently retired as the featured bellydancer at the Walt Disney World Resort in Epcot’s Moroccan Pavilion to devote herself entirely to her students and performance companies. She has performed for Saudi Arabian Royalty, the former President of Turkey, the Prince of Morocco and many celebrities including George Lucas, Kelly Ripa, John Stamos, Montell Williams, Cheb Khaled and Mayor Rudoph Guliani and has been featured in television, magazines, film and radio broadcasts across the United States and the Middle East, and is a multi-award winning soloist and choregrapher.

With over 20 years of experience in dance instruction, Suspira finds nothing more rewarding than passing on this beautiful and empowering artform to other women. Her passion for teaching leading her, she founded Orlando Bellydance – an exclusive school of Middle Eastern Dance that now holds over 700 students, ranging from beginning to professional, and the winner of WESH Channel 2’s “Best Dance Studio in Orlando”. She is also the artistic director and choreographer for the performance groups Serpentina Dance Company, Troupe Ahlaam, Gypsy Sa’har and Orlando Dance Theatre, which have gone on to receive extensive media coverage as well as tour the United States and Canada. Suspira and her dance companies can be seen dancing weekly in countless venues in Central Florida from local restaurants to elaborate stage productions including a full-scale semi-annual theatrical showcase entitled “An Evening Unveiled.”

Suspira would like to thank all her fellow sisters of the dance who have offered her friendship and inspiration over the years, and to extend a warm welcome to all the newcomers to this beautiful artform.

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